Getting a Tattoo


Why I decided to get a tattoo

Following my encounter with the Tsunami of 2004, I wanted to have a tattoo for identification purposes but it needed to meet three criteria before I would have it done: (1) it needed to be reasonably unique and easily distinguished, (2) it should be tasteful and not outlandish and (3) it should be large enough to be easily seen.

I spent a fair amount of time looking at tattoos but usually they were on foreign bodies and they were of either skulls, snakes, dragons or celtic symbols. The Thai-style tattoos appealed to me very much but they seemed very intricate and possibly expensive. It was not until 2008 that I finally saw a design that I immediately took a liking to that happened to be on the upper back of a young Thai lady I saw one night at a live music venue. She allowed me to take a photograph of it and I showed it to a nearby tattooist and before I knew it I had it on my back.

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